Goodbye, Karen: 10 once popular baby names 2022 parents are re-thinking 1 year ago

Goodbye, Karen: 10 once popular baby names 2022 parents are re-thinking

Well, you could kind of see it coming, couldn't you?

Baby names follow trends, and we often see these trends start to form, before coming to a peak – where tons of parents seem to be drawn to the same baby names at the same time. This often has to do with fashion or pop culture (remember what Sienna Miller and her boho-chic style did for the name Sienna?) or simply the times we are living through.

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For instance, many experts predict that babies born now, post-pandemic will be given names to reflect hope or joy or victory – all to serve as a reminder that this too, did indeed pass.

However, the opposite of this can happen too. When we hear or see a name in pop culture or media that takes over whatever innocent baby name meaning was there. As a result, there are names that used to be popular or cute that people will no longer be caught dead giving to their baby, for several different reasons.

According to an article in People, Karen is one of those names that have now dropped off the popularity list due to negative connotations. "Karen is going to become one of those names that no parent wants to give their child," baby name expert and Nameberry co-founder and CEO Pamela Redmond, told People.

And Karen isn't the only one we are all collectively cancelling right now. Here are nine more names nobody wants to bestow upon their babies anymore:

1. Felicia

Hearing the name Felicia, it's hard not to follow it up with the phrase, "Bye, Felicia" which is forever now a part of pop culture.

2. Chad

According to Urban Dictionary, to say to someone "what a Chad" means describing "a stereotypical young urban white male, typically single and in his 20s.

3. Ken

According to Fatherly, Ken is the male version of Karen and "Karen has a husband. His name is Ken."


4. Becky

Once a common shortened version of the name Rebecca, these days, Becky has a new meaning and is used to describe "a stereotypical, basic white girl; obsessed with Starbucks, Ugg boots, and trying to have a bigger butt," Urban Dictionary explains.

5. Alexa

Let's face it, calling for "Alexa" these days just sounds like you are talking to a gadget, not a human, no?

6. Donald

However iconic and nostalgic Donald Duck might be, I think Donald Trump has just ruined this moniker forevermore.

7. Corina

According to a survey done during lockdown by, parents are ditching the name Corina these days due to its similarity of Corona.

8. Viola

Apparently, the same goes for the name Viola, which some think sounds too much like 'virus.'

9. Lochlan

Again, another name that is slipping from the charts right now. Apparently, the name Lochlan sounds too much like 'lockdown' and sure we are all fed up with that.