Pregnancy myths: Half of the couples do not know the best ways to conceive 11 months ago

Pregnancy myths: Half of the couples do not know the best ways to conceive

Apparently, it is not just children who may be confused as to where babies come from...

One survey by family planning experts FPA revealed that British couples will still put their faith in a few old wives tales when it comes to getting pregnant.

Such myths include drinking grapefruit juice or cough syrup, or planting a rosemary bush in your garden.

Some women trying for a baby also say they think they will have a better chance of conceiving if they avoid mints. Others have the fear that eating strawberries or seeing mice during pregnancy could give their babies birthmarks.

Another popular superstition is that a woman who gives gifts of silver will get pregnant.

While most of the advice has been passed down through generations, some myths are more modern, such as advising men to wear boxer shorts to keep sperm at a more ideal temperature.

Half of the couples surveyed did not know the basic facts about the best ways to conceive, such as when a woman is at her fertility peak in the month.

Natika H Halil, FPA director of information, said: "Many people trying to conceive have never been taught the basic facts about their own reproductive cycle.

"As a result couples may mistakenly believe themselves to be infertile, causing them to seek expensive fertility treatments and suffer a great deal of stress, when there is really no need.

"Equally, couples with a genuine problem may be waiting for nature to take its course, when in fact there is a fertility issue and they need professional help without delay."

Top Ten Myths On The Best Way To Get Pregnant

1.Yams help give you twins

2.Boxer shorts make men more fertile (looser clothing may actually help)

3.Drink grapefruit juice to get pregnant

4.Plant a rosemary bush to get pregnant

5.Women, give a gift of silver to get pregnant

6.Avoid strawberries - they give babies birthmarks

7.Don't look at mice, they give babies birthmarks

8.Drink cough syrup to get pregnant

9.Men should take their socks off in bed

10.Avoid mint