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06th Jun 2017

Halle Berry just shut down pregnancy rumours in the most spectacular way

Trine Jensen-Burke

Halle Berry is one hot mama-of-two.

Meaning, of course, the minute she steps foot on a red carpet all eyes are on her.

Which is what happened this weekend, when the 50-year-old(!) actress attended the 16th annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles, wearing a eye-catching and rather figure-hugging sequin frock.

In the snaps from the red carpet, Berry, who normally has abs we’d all kill for seemed to have a little curve to her normally flat stomach – and immediately the rumour mill (or social media, if you will) started jumping to conclusions.

And more:

Oh, and never mind the fact that her belly did not appear to be perfectly flat, sure she was also touching her stomach, which we all know is secret women’s code language for ‘I have a bun in the oven here,’ and practically a semaphore for celebrity baby announcements.

Speculations also went crazy as to who Halle’s baby’s father could be, as the actress recently shared this Instagram photo  of herself wearing a T-shirt that said “No more boyfriends.”

Summer’s coming… let’s shine up our crowns ladies! Let’s do it like @justmike_

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However, if this picture of a very non-pregnant looking Halle was not enough to to make us all realise she is not, in fact, with child, her publicist was also quick to confirm that the rumours were not true. So guys, let’s all chill out. How about the fact that most people’s bellies (even celebrities’) are not concave and perfectly flat 24/7?

The best bit? While her publicist was busy issuing a politely worded professional statement about the contents of her client’s uterus, Berry herself is pretty darn hilarious about this whole saga. How? Well, check out her latest Instagram snap:

Can a girl have some steak and fries?? ??

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Ya’ll, Halle Berry is not growing a fetus in her uterus. She is just a normal woman whose stomach sometimes bloats a little (hey, we have all been there) – and how about we all stop making assumptions already?!

Now; who’s on for some steak and fries?!