I want to name my baby after a Harry Potter character but people say it is too "out there" 1 year ago

I want to name my baby after a Harry Potter character but people say it is too "out there"

"Please don't do that to a child."

A lot of people find baby name inspiration from their favourite singers, movies, and even TV shows.

Many of us have fallen in love with names in our favourite books or even songs that are special to us.

One mum said she wants to name her baby boy after a character in Harry Potter.

Names like Ron, Hermione, and Harry are all pretty normal, but she has opted for a more unique moniker.

She wants to call her son Libatious.

The name is pronounced Lye-Bay-Shus.

Speaking to Mumsnet, she explained that she was recently re-reading Harry Potter when she stumbled across the name.

"Came across the character Libatius Borage while re-reading Harry Potter and thought Libatius is actually a lovely name," she explained.


The mum-to-be isn't 100% sure about the moniker and fears it is too different.

"Is it a bit out there? Or a charming name that deserves more attention?" she asked.

Mums didn't stand back from sharing their opinion and it's safe to say this name is not the one.

One mum even said it was a "dreadful" idea.

Another wrote, "Please don't do that to a child."

"JK Rowling invented a lot of names in the Harry Potter books. That doesn't mean they work in real life," another wrote.

One mum stressed that it is important to remember to check the meaning of a name before adding it to your list.

She warned the woman, "In ancient Greek, a libation was an offering poured on the ground as an offering to the Gods.

"More recently it refers to an alcoholic beverage and a libatius person is a drunk.

"So no. Pretty word not so great meaning," she stressed.

"What do you think of the name?