Written in the stars: 12 head-strong names ideal for a little Taurus baby 9 months ago

Written in the stars: 12 head-strong names ideal for a little Taurus baby

If you’re expecting a baby shortly (between April 20th through May 20th, to be exact), it’s most likely going to fall under the Zodiac sign of Taurus: The Bull.

And while many dismiss celestial bodies and stars as having an impact on the lives of humans, let it be known that certain aspects of astrology actually have an element of truth behind them.

So what is in the stars for your little Taurus baby?

According to astrologists, Taurans are known for being practical and down-to-earth. They are fiercely determined – if they say they're going to do something, they do it. Taureans love routine and are hesitant about change, and above all, their most prominent traits include stubbornness, devotion and loyalty.

A spring-sign, the element associated with Taurus is earth, like the soil, not the planet, which makes sense since those born under this sign are considered to hold on to their roots and stay grounded.

Ready to pick a name for your little Taurus baby? Here are 10 names we feel are just right:

1. Indah

Taurus (the sign) is ruled by the planet Venus (the goddess of love and beauty), which is why, according to astrologists, that Taureans are often known for their good looks! The name 'Indah' means 'beautiful' and is, of course, perfect for a little Taurean baby girl.

2. Ethan


Ethan sounds strong and powerful, and is perfect for a Taurus boy. Historically, the name comes from Hebrew name Eian which means 'solid,' 'enduring' and 'firm.'

3. Dawn

Being connected so strongly to the land, makes the name Dawn - which means 'daybreak' or 'the first appearance of light,' a more than ideal choice for your little Taurean girl.

4. Ash

Strong and with deep roots, the ash is a tree, of course, but also a great, sturdy name for any little boys born in spring.

5. Gaia

The Greek name Gaia - which means 'earth,' 'earth mother' and 'ancestral mother of all life' - is pretty much made for a little Taurean girl.

6. Joseph


The meaning of the name Joseph is 'shall increase,' which makes it an all too perfect choice for a little Taurus baby, who is naturally determined to succeed.

7. Dagny

This Scandinavian girl's name literally translates as 'New Day' – meaning it is pretty much the perfect option for a little spring baby girl, no?

8. Ferdinand

The well-known storybook character Ferdinand is a kind of gentle bull – perfect for your little Taurean baby boy, in other words.

9. Anthea

Anthea was another name for the Greek goddess Hera, the goddess of marshes and swamps, flowers and love. The word actually means 'flower' or 'blossom,' and sure, could you ask for a more perfect name for your spring-born princess?

10. Copper

Not to be confused with Cooper, Copper is actually given some significance in the myths about the Taurus in the sky in some cultures, as it is considered the metal of Taurus. Oh, and we think it makes for a solid name too, no?

11. Ceres

Some astrologers think the ruling planet of Taurus is not Venus, but Ceres — a new dwarf planet, whose name means “to grow.”

12. Clay

Like the name Gaia, you couldn’t get any more earthy than this name, paying homage to the fact that your little Taurus is an earth sign.