Could your height impact the length of your pregnancy? Science thinks so 2 years ago

Could your height impact the length of your pregnancy? Science thinks so

Could the length of your legs determine how long your pregnancy lasts?

Some scientists certainly seem to think so.

In fact, researchers believe that the shorter a pregnant woman is, the shorter her pregnancy will be.

Can it really be true though? Can our height really impact our baby's due date?

A study published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology found that there could indeed be a correlation between height and the gestational length of a pregnancy.

During the study, the scientists assessed whether maternal height was associated with gestational age.

The research found that increasing maternal height was associated with longer pregnancy duration while shorter mothers under 165 cm, had shorter pregnancies by approximately a week.



I personally found this research very interesting as I fall into the under 165cm category and I gave birth to my daughter a week early, while my cousin who would be taller than me went over on her pregnancy by nearly two weeks.

I also know that my mother-in-law who is more on the petite end of the spectrum gave birth to both of her sons early.

Could it all come down to height? I'm still unsure especially since my own mother is taller than average and gave birth to me early.

I think when it comes to pregnancy we always like to judge how things will go which is why old wives tales have still stood the test of time.

Still, I think that more factors than our height come into play when it comes to whether we deliver our babies early, on time or late.