How to: Tell your boss that you are pregnant 5 months ago

How to: Tell your boss that you are pregnant

Is this something that you're concerned about?

Finding out you are pregnant is very exciting, but telling certain people in your life can be a little more difficult than others.

By this I mean your employer.

Now while most employers and companies are great when it comes to pregnant employees, it can still be a little nerve wrecking bringing up the converstation.

If you've just found out you're pregnant and are wondering what is the best way to approach it with your boss here are some tips.


Tell your boss first before you tell your colleagues

Telling your boss sooner rather than later is always good.

You never want them to think that you were hiding it from them or that you don't trust them.


You also don't want them getting the information second hand from somebody else.

With that being said, wait until you feel comfortable sharing the fact that you're pregnant with anyone other than family. You should never feel rushed or pressured to share personal information with your job.

Do it in person rather than over the phone or by email

When it comes to the important information it is always best to divulge it in person.

Not only is it more respectful to your boss but you'll also be able to hash out things like your maternity leave and benefits in the same conversation.

Choose the best time for you

Pregnancy is stressful on our bodies, so make sure you are feeling well and up for a big discussion with your boss.

Wait for a time when you feel calm, well hydrated and after you have food in your system to make sure you don't feel faint.

Know your rights

While most companies are fantastic when it comes to employee rights, unfortunately there are still a few who ruin it for everyone.

If you feel like your company might be breeching your employee rights you can contact Citizen's Information.