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28th Jun 2021

These hopeful parents asked guests for the ultimate wedding gift

Kat O'Connor

‘I can’t believe it’

Gone are the days when you received ten toasters and too many sets of towels for your wedding day. Creating a list of gifts you’d like is the norm now, but instead of asking for a fancy coffee machine or money to use for their honeymoon, one couple asked their guests for the ultimate present of all.

Hopeful parents Marc and Nikki Tibballs asked their nearest and dearest to fund their IVF treatment. The hopeful parents said the one thing they’ve been missing isn’t a house or a new toaster, but a family of their own.

The couple were devastated when their free round of IVF failed, but their loved ones made their dreams come true by covering the cost of IVF.

Nikki discovered that her fallopian tubes were blocked, which means if she did conceive then she would have an ectopic pregnancy. The bride was completely overwhelmed by the tragic news, but her friends and family made her dream a reality.

According to Tyla, the couple were nervous about asking for help: “We were really unsure whether to ask people to help, we didn’t know if it was cheeky or rude, but in the run up to the wedding people asked constantly us what we wanted as wedding gifts, but there was only one thing we wanted.”

“We made sure everyone knew they were under no obligation at all to but if they were unsure what to bring as a gift, this was the most precious gift they could help with.”

“They knew it meant everything to us and that made their gift even more special,” they shared.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2013, went on to welcome twin boys in November 2014.

“Everyone was so happy for us, it just made it all the more special knowing our loved ones had played such an important part in making it happen.”

“We are forever grateful to our friends, family and the clinic, we can’t thank everyone enough.”

The couple’s sons Freddy and Olly are now 6-years-old and thriving.