This hospital has the highest rate of Caesarean section births in Ireland 6 years ago

This hospital has the highest rate of Caesarean section births in Ireland

Recently released maternity statistics show that St Luke's Hospital in Kilkenny has the highest rate of Caesarean section births in Ireland.

The shocking figures show that the rate of C-section births among first-time mothers at the hospital was fifty percent, with one in two first-time mums having their babies delivered by a section at St Luke's last October. The World Health Organisation recommended Caesarean section rate is placed between ten and fifteen percent.

Aims Ireland, the group who published the statistics on the HSE website, raised concerns in relation to the figures and a spokeswoman for the organisation, Krysia Lynch, told the Kilkenny People that they were 'worried' by the findings:

"We are extremely worried to find that the latest c-section birth rate for St Luke's hospital was so high, and differed by as much as ten percent from the rates in other Irish Maternity Units.

C-sections carry significant increased risks for mother and baby, and prospective parents should be informed as to what these risks are.

[In 2012] We were assured that an inquiry would take place and the results would be published. We are very disappointed and alarmed to see the disparity persist and also the lack of any report outlining the medical rationale behind it."

Ms. Lynch said that the first-time mother rate was worrying as a previous c-sections can predispose mothers to repeat c-section births,

"Of equal concern is the high multiparous rate. This indicates that mothers with previous c-sections are not being offered a trial of labour."


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