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07th Oct 2018

Husband wittily narrates wife’s labour like it’s an Animal Planet documentary

This is gas, in fairness.

Denise Curtin

He’s lucky his wife took this in good spirits.

Being in labour isn’t an easy ride, for most. And often, one depends on their other-halves or close friend to be their source of comfort.

But one husband thought it would be hilarious to film his wife as she went into labour. Pacing the sitting room, focusing on her contractions, his wife is unaware that he’s actually filming her  in a Crocodile Hunter-esque documentary.

The results, posted by California-based midwife Lindsey Meehleis (who was also present), show the moment unfold as a dad hysterically tries to make light entertainment out of his wife’s labour.

Captioning the video the midwife wrote:

“When your clients almost make you pee your pants at their birth.”


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And it turns out, the mom in question delivered her baby two hours after this video was shot. The first girl for the pair who’ve already three sons.


That was a lucky escape for this father, we’re not all so cool and collected during labour, that’s for sure.