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05th Nov 2021

These very Irish baby names are currently trending in the UK

Trine Jensen-Burke

Irish baby names trending in the UK

Inspired by Normal People still?

Our fellow parents across the channel are feeling a little inspired by Irish monikers lately. And, in fairness, why shouldn’t they?

According to a new study by BabyCentre, Connell has entered the top 100 baby names in the UK for the first time.

How much are you willing to bet those brand new parents spent lockdown bingeing on Normal People?

Interestingly, the show’s female lead, Marianne, has not sparked a similar surge in parents opting to name their little girls after the character.

However, other famous Irish faces have inspired their choice of girl names, with Vogue having entered the list of top 100 UK girls’ baby names for the first time.

And it seems Vogue’s own baby name choice have inspired other parents too, with the name Theodore (which is the name of Vogue Williams’ and Spencer Matthews’ two-year-old) rising 10 places up to number 31 in the boys’ list, this year.

Other Irish boy names on the most popular list are: Aiden at number 26, Liam at 32, Ryan at 43, Kian at 51, Finn at number 67 and Gabriel, which is 72nd on the list.

As for girls’ names, the Irish name Erin is at 56, Orla is 81 and even Niamh got in there, ending up in 100th place.

What other names are they loving across the channel?

Here are some more Irish baby names that are currently trending in the UK according to

1. Caoimhe

2. Saoirse

3. Aoife

4. Ava

5. Conor

6. Darragh

7. Oisin

8. Sean

In the US, they are also loving our traditional monikers, with these being some of the more popular Irish names trending there right now:

1. Aidan

2. Logan

3. Owen

4. Riley

5. Erin

6. Kiara

7. Tara

8. Brenna