Jack and Emily are the biggest baby names of the last 5 years 7 years ago

Jack and Emily are the biggest baby names of the last 5 years

Do you have an Emily or a Jack in your house? If you answered yes, you are quite the trendsetter.

That’s because they have dominated the most popular baby names in Ireland for the last five years (according to statistics on the Central Statistics Office website).

Since 2010 (until 2014) Jack has claimed the top spot for baby boy names in Ireland with over 4,000 babies taking the moniker in that time.

Others that have fared well over this period include Jack, James, Daniel, Conor and Sean. In fact they have ranked highly since 2007.

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Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson.

As for the girls, Emily has taken the number one position for four of the last five years having been tipped by Sophie back in 2010.

Sophie still remains a popular choice in recent years for Irish parents, as have Emma and Grace.


Overall, the girls vary more so than the boys with Ava, Ella, Amelia, Lucy, Sarah and Lilly all ranking in the top five at some point.

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Emily Blunt the actress.

While there hasn’t been much of a change in the last five to 10 years, there is a marked difference from 50 years ago.

The only boy’s name that also ranked back in 1964 is James, The top five at that time inclued John, Patrick, Michael and Paul.

As for the little ladies, none of those from the last five years were big back in the day. The most popular ones in 1964 were Mary, Catherine, Margaret, Ann and Anne.