Katie Waissel's 'post baby belly' is getting a lot of praise online 5 years ago

Katie Waissel's 'post baby belly' is getting a lot of praise online

She has given herself a "gym ban."

Katie Waissel gave birth to her first child about a month ago.

She and partner Andy named him Hudson and since then, the former X Factor singer has been sharing a lot of photos of her baby boy.

They've been very cute.

Last night, however, Katie shared a photo that was a bit different - one of her postpartum belly.

The new mum wrote that she had given herself a "gym ban" after giving birth, partly because she was so exhausted having a new baby to look after, but also because she just doesn't care what she looks like.

Writing on Instagram, she said that a lot of people feel pressure to "bounce back" after pregnancy.


She wrote:

"I told myself I’ll be back in the gym within days and now I can’t help but laugh at that!

"I just carried and birthed a little human being, I wanted to share my body positive message of ‘it’s ok, you are wonderful just as you are’."

Katie went on to say that she noticed breastfeeding had helped a lot with reducing fluid retention and dropping excess weight she experienced after giving birth.

She said she had hardly done anything, and already her stomach was shrinking.

"The female body is truly amazing and has left me breath-taken time and time again!" she said. "New Mum New Me! Thank you for being part of my journey! WE GOT THIS!"

Katie was highly praised for the video she shared of her stomach and the caption that accompanied it.

Many said that new mothers face far too much pressure after giving birth and commended Katie for speaking openly about not wanting to exercise.

Waissel announced that she was expecting her first child back in January with an open letter on Twitter.

Alongside the letter she shared a photo of her baby bump and ultrasound picture. In the background of the picture, there was a sign reading: 'Baby Speer coming Summer 2018'.