Last night's episode of The Rotunda was especially heart-wrenching 2 years ago

Last night's episode of The Rotunda was especially heart-wrenching

In bits, tbh.

It's rare enough these days that an episode of The Rotunda airs that doesn't make every person on the planet abolsutely bawl their eyes out.

There's life, there's death, there's the amazing midwives who dedicate themselves to ensuring that every patient's birth goes as smoothly as possible.

Basically, it's an emotional show - and last night's episode was no different as couple Carrie and Fintan arrived to welcome their second baby into the world.

Carrie became pregnant with her first baby, a girl named Ellie, just one one year prior. The couple were told that the child had a fatal foetal abnormality and that she would not survive outside of the womb.

"I would literally be pregnant for the rest of my life if it meant that she would just still be alive," Carrie said.

"Just to be able to give her a little life was nice and comforting."

Ahead of the delivery of their second daughter, Carrie and Fintan decide to bring baby Ellie's ashes into the delivery room - so she can meet the newborn too.

Naturally, the above scenes evoked much emotion from viewers who openly admitted to essentially crying their eyes out while watching the show.


Same, tbh.

The Rotunda returns next Thursday at 9.35pm on RTÉ2.