A lot of couples abstain from sex during pregnancy, according to a survey 2 years ago

A lot of couples abstain from sex during pregnancy, according to a survey

It may be uncomfortable or just feel like a chore, but did you stop having sex altogether while pregnant?

If so, you're not alone as it turns out quite a few people give it up until the baby comes along.

A survey of 2,000 parents in the UK has revealed that one in six couples abstain from sex during pregnancy.

One in ten of those surveyed felt it was 'wrong' to have sex while expecting.

Over half of couples (57 per cent) admitted to giving it up by the end of the second trimester, with a third of pregnant women claiming they weren't as up for it as their other halves.

Unsurprisingly, a woman's changing body plays a part in a sex slow-down over the nine months. Over eighty per cent of the mums surveyed said that they only felt sexy 'occasionally' while carrying a child.

Not everyone was against getting jiggy while pregnant, however, with those who did indulge in it saying that they had the best sex at the four-month mark.

Most of the dads, over two thirds, surveyed said that they found their partners more beautiful than ever while pregnant.

Sex during pregnancy is a tricky subject, says Siobhan Freegard of ChannelMum.com, which commissioned the survey.

"So many mums-to-be struggle with their body image or feeling ill that many will be shocked - and even reassured - to know their partners see them as more beautiful than ever, she told The Sun.

Nothing is normal, she added, so it's important to do what's right for you as a couple.

"Whatever your choice, ensure you discuss it with your partner so neither of you feel your own needs are being neglected.

"And remember even if your sex life does stop, it’s only for a few months, so enjoy spending quality time together in other ways too."