Man gets mixed reaction for booing at his friend's gender neutral gender reveal 9 months ago

Man gets mixed reaction for booing at his friend's gender neutral gender reveal

What would you do?

I've never been to a gender reveal party or held one of my own.

I was tempted to do some sort of gender reveal for my daughter but we didn't know till a couple of weeks before she was born that we were having a girl and I didn't see the point at that stage.

Nevertheless they are becoming increasingly common and most people expect to get invited to one once they hear a friend is expecting. Unfortunately for this man the party did not go as expected and he really let his feelings be known about it.

After receiving a mixed reaction to his response to attending the unusual gender reveal the man took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong?

"I (30 M) drive 45 minutes outside of the city to go to my workmates gender reveal party. In the first place, I find this to be an obnoxious new fad, but I try to be a good sport for the sake of my work relationship. I dress up. I bring a gift. I bring a bottle of wine for the party. I am trying.

But the reveal didn't exactly go as he expected:
After much buildup, the couple stand in front of this box-thing with the gender reveal hidden inside. They pull a string, the box falls apart, confetti, streamers etc. and there reads a message "Unassigned!".

They launch into a polemic about gender and their decision not to assign their child a gender, and I begin loudly, playfully booing. No one joins in. A few people pull me aside later in the night to lecture me, others to thank me."


Many who read the post on Reddit felt the man was right to feel annoyed;

"What's the purpose of organising a gender reveal party when you don't want to assign a gender? You're right: you have put effort in this and it turns out that you're just there to be lectured."

Other thought that both the man and his friends were in the wrong;

"You were rude and defiantly crossed a line.
They invited people over for a party (where they expect gifts) under false pretenses. This wasnt a celebration of a baby, it was a soapbox for attention seekers."

I agree with the above statement. I don't think he should have booed them but I also think that they shouldn't have invited people over to a gender reveal that revealed nothing.