LOL: These hilarious illustrations every Mum will understand 4 years ago

LOL: These hilarious illustrations every Mum will understand

When it comes to motherhood, I'm sure you'll agree that being pregnant is just the tip of the iceberg.

Gruelling, glowing, exciting and exhausting, the rollercoaster of pregnancy is one hell of a journey, but it's nothing compared to the extreme highs and super lows of motherhood once the baby is here.

When the going gets tough, sometimes you've just got to laugh. Like New York-based mum Meghna Shah who found that venting her parenting struggles through a sarcastic and witty series of illustrations helped her through the struggles.

She told Vagabomb, "When I was pregnant with my son, I realised that pregnancy and motherhood is hard and having a sense of humour (and alcohol) is sometimes the only way to get through a rough day."

Since alcohol wasn't really an option, she created Mommie Poppins, a sassy new mom who has a direct, tongue-in-cheek take on things that women experience during pregnancy and motherhood.

The brilliant series is not just one mum's personal account, but also one that, I'm sure, every new mother can relate to.

Have a look at some of the illustrations for yourself, we think you'll like them...