Moms were asked to describe what 'labour feels like' and things got descriptive 1 year ago

Moms were asked to describe what 'labour feels like' and things got descriptive

This is kind of gross, true and hilarious all at the same time.

Basically labour in a nutshell.

And the latest thread we've stumbled upon on MumsNet is quite the interesting read, which all started when one mother asked for help in trying to describe what labour feels like to her pregnant friend.

Her question was as follows...

"Sil is trying for a baby. She asked how painful it is. I told her there is no way to describe it. She said it must feel like something. I can't think of anything that explains the feeling?"

And the replies vary both in detail and imaginative similarities as many women fled to reply and explain exactly what they believe labour feels like.

Now, they say we forget pain once it is over as we naturally block it out however, we feel some of these moms are pretty accurate and downright hilarious.

Here are some of the best...

"Tell her it feels like a really bad period but with a baby coming out instead of a clot lol."

"Gallstones but much more of your body. Period cramps turned all the way up to 5,000?"

"It's like really really bad trapped wind. I suffer with trapped wind and I have had five children. I think the pain is very similar."

"Like dry socket but in your abdomen. Dry socket is like labour in your face."

Then some really dramatic, yet funny ones...

"When i was asked what it felt like the only thing close enough was being cut in half with an axe that was on fire.... or simply that my body was going to rip in half. but that still doesn’t do justice to the pain. Also I mooed like a cow."

"Like someone sticking an industrial powered hoover up your arse, and switching it on and off at increasing close intervals."

Ah, the joys of child birth eh?

You can read the full thread here.