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12th Jan 2015

Morning sickness? You need to know about this prenatal vitamin spray

Getting your daily dose the easier way

We all know how important it is to take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy (and before); but swallowing a tablet that’s the size of a small horse and smells like a wet dog, when you’ve got morning sickness, isn’t easy.

B9 and Folic Acid are vital for both mum and baby in the early stages of pregnancy, however, nausea and vomiting can be enough to literally stop you from taking those much-needed vitamins. LoveurSoul’s oral Vitamin Sprays can be one way to help through those vital but turbulent first few weeks.

Healthy sprays are more effectively absorbed than the same dosage in pills, which have extras like shellac, talc, waxes and colourings that can make them hard for the body to digest. Sometimes only 10 – 12% of the nutrients taken in pill form are actually absorbed.

Delving deeper into vitamin sprays:

They go straight to the blood stream so provide rapid absorption of vitamins and minerals

No gastric degradation

Can be taken at any time

Cost effective when compared to pills

Closed metal tubes protect ingredients from oxidation by both air and light thus preventing

degradation of supplements

Each tube contains at least a one month supply and is good for 3 years

All supplements have a natural flavour

The patent spray delivery system ensures spray consistency and dosage levels. Dosage 55 micro litres per 1 spray mist

All sprays are of the highest pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minerals and herbs