Mrs Hinch's fans express concern over 'baby safe' cleaning products 10 months ago

Mrs Hinch's fans express concern over 'baby safe' cleaning products

We're sure she's being careful, guys.

The other week, Mrs Hinch announced that she was expecting her first baby.

And then a few days ago, she revealed that she was going to have a baby boy and that her dog, Henry, was going to be a big brother.

The few posts she put up about the pregnancy were lovely, as fans congratulated her and shared their second-hand excitement over her soon-to-be-born child.

Others, however, started expressing concern over the baby's - and Mrs Hinch's health - due to the extreme number of cleaning products she uses.

The Instagram cleaner is a big fan of products like Zoflora, Elbow Grease, The Pink Stuff, Cif, and of course, Duck.

Generally, this has never been much of an issue for her fans, but since she's announced her pregnancy, people have started to wonder whether she was going to switch to switch to, er, more "baby-safe" products.

Essentially, they mean things that don't use as much bleach.

"The amount of plastic and all those chemicals going down the drain. It can affect water we drink, oceans, even her unborn baby," said one person.

"Stop spraying so much chemical crap whilst you’re preggas, not good for bambino... love ya posts though," offered another.

However, as it turns out, Mrs Hinch probably won't have to worry about any of these things because the vast majority of cleaning products are entirely safe to use during pregnancy - even the ones with a load of bleach.


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According to The American Pregnancy Association, common sense is needed when cleaning while pregnant - just as it is needed when cleaning while not pregnant.

Good ventilation, not mixing bleach and ammonia, and wearing gloves to protect your skin are musts as they always are when doing a deep clean yourself.

The only thing that is likely to change if you're pregnant, is that the fumes may make your nausea worse... so, again, make sure you ventilate.

... Or just make sure you get someone else to do the cleaning.