Mum-to-be gets nasty comments after 'terrifying' ultrasound pic 4 years ago

Mum-to-be gets nasty comments after 'terrifying' ultrasound pic


Sharni Turner is a mum-to-be from Australia.

Recently, Sharni went for an ultrasound.

While she was there, her ultrasound technician decided to do a front face image of her baby and, according to Sharni, it was "the most terrifying thing."

I mean, we do see where she's coming from.

However, while lots of people saw the funny (and terrifying) side to Sharni's photo, there were a few who had some less than acceptable comments to throw the mum-to-be's way.

So much so that she was forced to clarify that, no, she wasn't going to get an abortion.


Like, really lads?

In a further tweet, Sharni said that a lot of people replied to her post suggesting something similar and that she just assumed they didn't know she would be able to see their tweets.

Thankfully, a lot of other people weren't so nasty.

They took to the Twitter thread to laugh alongside Sharni and her "terrifying" ultrasound.


Sharni also took it upon herself to share another ultrasound of her baby.

This time, it was from the side and, thankfully, there was nothing out of the ordinary to report.