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20th Mar 2018

Mum gets unjustified hate after sharing photo of her stretch marks after having four kids

Jade Hayden

doreen ching

A mum has received unjustified hate online after sharing a photo of her stomach after having four children.

Doreen Ching has severe stretch marks on her stomach due to the fact that she carried four babies inside of her.

The 23-year-old said it took her a long time to accept that her body had changed forever after having children, but now that she had, she wanted to post a photo to prove that she wasn’t ashamed.

The Malaysian mum wrote that a lot of people told her her body would be “ruined” after having four kids.

She said:

“Only 21 at the time, I wondered how I would be able to accept my stomach looking like this for the rest of my life.

“The first thing I did after leaving the delivery room was to look at my stomach and cry.”

Doreen went on to say that although there was “no amount of surgery or money” that would give her her body back, she said she had come to accept it now.

She said:

“My stomach doesn’t matter.

“I can still wear a bikini at home. I can only be as perfect as I can be.”

However, despite Doreen’s honest depiction of what pregnancy can do a woman’s body, some people thought it the mum’s “fault” for having so many children.

While the majority of the post’s comments were inundated with praise, others were not so kind.

In another post, Doreen wrote that many people had criticised her photo, blaming her for having children.

She said:

“Many told me I looked ugly and disgusting, and that they wanted to vomit. Some men said it was all the women’s fault for wanting to have so many kids.

“Please respect the women of this world, such as your mother and your wife, who manage childbirth and still work.”