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07th Mar 2018

Mum goes to hospital for ‘burst appendix’… and gives birth to surprise baby

Jade Hayden


Not your average day out then.

A lot changes when your appendix bursts.

You’re in a lot of pain, you need to go to hospital, everybody tells you that what’s happening to your body is totally normal and that you’ll be fine, you have a large piece of your body removed, and you hop on that road to recovery.

A similar list of things happen when you go into labour and give birth.

However, it’s not all that common for people to go to the hospital for what they think is a burst appendix, only to find out that they’re about to give birth.

Yeah, that rarely happens… except the odd time when it does.

Jayde Lawrence is a mum from Perth, Australia.

Jayde went to the hospital with her partner Kurt when she experienced intense pains in her side.

Assuming the pain must have been from her burst appendix, she prepared to have it removed… only then, she began experiencing pain that she had associated with the birth of her first child two years ago.

And then, doctors found a heartbeat.

Jayde told Nine News that she had taken two pregnancy tests over the last nine months and that both had come back negative.

Her new baby’s birth was even more of a shock to the couple because Jayde suffers from polycystic ovaries, meaning that getting pregnant is extremely difficult.

The couple said they are only delighted with the arrival of their son, Jax, and that they’re going to go buy some lotto tickets soon enough.

Fair play.