Mum grabs the breast of a woman who touched her baby bump 'out of nowhere' 3 years ago

Mum grabs the breast of a woman who touched her baby bump 'out of nowhere'

Most of us would never go up and randomly touch a stranger.

For some reason though when we're pregnant this seems to go out the window for a lot of people. Everyone and their mother seems to want to come up and touch your bump, whether you like it or not.

One expectant mum had had enough and decided to retaliate when a woman grabbed her baby bump.

The mum posted her story to Reddit and explained why she decided to turn the tables. She gave some backstory to the incident by saying she was having an extremely rough preganancy.

She was sick throughout with constant nausea and the day in question was one of the few times that she actually attempted to leave the house. The expectant mum went to the grocery store and was shocked when a complete stranger started to grope her belly.

"This f*cking lady in her '50s actually reached out and touched my belly out of f*cking nowhere and was like 'Awww is it a boy or a girl?' Her hand was positioned like right where my shirt meets my pants so I could actually feel part of her hand on my bare skin. What I did was reach over and grab her boob. Now when I say 'grab' I mean more that I placed my hand on the top of her boob until she pulled away pretty much instantly. And she just looked at me with this absolutely aghast face and I was just like 'not great huh?' and walked away."


Many of the commenters were in complete agreement with her and shared their own tales of being touched by strangers while pregnant and some who weren't even pregnant at all!

"I wasn't even pregnant and I had someone touch my stomach when I mentioned my 'baby' being one year old. Firstly, I was talking about my cat. She was my first pet of my own and I was super excited. Secondly, even if I wasn't talking about a cat, I said ONE YEAR old. Thirdly, don't touch me."

While I did have lots of people I knew rub my bump when I was pregnant, I was lucky not to have it grabbed by a stranger. I can only imagine how uncomfortable this woman felt.

One thing is for sure, I don't think the other woman involved will be touching any baby bumps in future.