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19th May 2022

Expectant mum says MIL wants her to ‘hold off’ giving birth until her renovations are done and what?


Yes you read the headline correctly.

I’ve read some crazy things in parenting forums over the years especially when it comes to in laws.

This absolutely takes the cake though and I think it’s safe to say that I’m with the expectant mum on this one.

A woman recently posted in the Mumsnet forum asking if she was unreasonable for cutting contact with her mother in law.

She then went on to explain the situation that arose between them and it is bizarre to say the least;

“I’m due to give birth in two weeks. Have just come off a phonecall with a sobbing MiL pleading for me not to give birth until the 15th June when they’ll have finished the renovations on their new home and have properly moved all their stuff in. Because apparently she doesn’t want to miss a single moment of the baby being here, but she also won’t be able to come and stay with us until she’s finished all the work in the house. So now it’s my job to ‘please please please hold on’.

Have mentioned that at my last scan, the baby was measuring very large (had to have a fasting blood glucose test to rule out diabetes), and that I don’t want to go over. Completely ignored.”


I’m sorry, but does she know how child birth works because you can’t just hold the baby in?

Commenters in the forum were also confused and agreed with the expectant mum that she should avoid contact, at least for the time being;

“I think it would be extremely reasonable to cut contact until after the birth. And tell your DH any conversation he has with her needs to be out of your earshot and you don’t want to hear about what she has to say.”

“How exactly is anyone supposed to guarantee anything like that? You poor woman having to deal with such irrational behaviour from your Mother in Law. I hope your husband is supportive.”

I also hope her husband is supportive because that has got to be one of the most selfish and insane requests I’ve ever heard from a mother in law.