Mum shows massive difference between 'posed and unposed' postpartum photos 5 years ago

Mum shows massive difference between 'posed and unposed' postpartum photos

A mum has showed the massive difference between taking a postpartum photo when you're posing and taking a postpartum photo when you're not posing.

And, like most photos taken when you're posing and not posing, they look pretty different.

Shocking, we know.

Former Australian Big Brother contestant, Krystal Hipwell, posted a side-by-side photo of herself about a month after giving birth to her second child.

She wrote that even though she is a "self confessed exercise addict", she recognises that posing a certain way in a photo can totally change how your body look.


She wrote:

"These pics were taken 30 seconds apart, it’s amazing what a difference posture can make!

"Since giving birth I haven’t really thought about my diet and have simply been eating whatever I want, whenever I want, mainly because I have been too tired to care."

Krystal went on to say her attention to diet and exercise has changed since giving birth, but that she's now ready to get back into her routine featuring personal trainer and all.

She said:

"I’m not too concerned about getting back to my pre-baby weight just yet but am just so keen to get my body moving.

"And feel more like myself again, as well as gaining some sort of routine back in my life, well as much as one can with 2 kids anyway."

Krystal welcomed newborn, Dakoda Ruth, last month and has since talked a lot about breastfeeding, being a second-time mum, and doing everything with a new baby on your hip.