A mum thinks she has found the 'meanest midwife in Australia' 2 years ago

A mum thinks she has found the 'meanest midwife in Australia'

A mum thinks that she has found the "meanest midwife in Australia."

Amby Cakes was heavily pregnant when she went for an eight-month scan ahead of her due date.

However, she was left in not the greatest of moods when her midwife was "rude" and "mean" to her during the check up.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Amby said that the midwife called her "fat" and began aggressively asking why she hadn't been to her checkup before then.

She said:

“She said ‘well you know you need an ultrasound because you’re kind of fat’. I was like ‘oh girl, why you got to blast me like that?'

“I’m not trying to shame anybody – I don’t take offence like when doctors say ‘you’re in good health but you’ve got to lose some weight so you don’t have any problems’."


Amby, who lost five stone before becoming pregnant for the third time, said that even though she had been bigger in the past, she had never been spoken to that way.

She went on:

“She was starting to get under my skin, not by calling me fat. It wasn’t that she called me fat, but it was how she said it.

“The other nurse thought she saw a ghost when she said that.”

Grim enough.

The mum finished by saying that she knows the midwife had probably just had a bad day, but that she still didn't think it was appropriate for her to be spoken to her that day.

We agree, yeah.