Mum-to-be says husband is 'forcing' her to have his parents in delivery room 1 year ago

Mum-to-be says husband is 'forcing' her to have his parents in delivery room

She isn't sure what to do.

A pregnant woman has claimed her husband is "forcing" her to have his parents in the delivery room with them - despite the fact that she doesn't want that.

The mum-to-be turned the internet for advice on what to do, or say, to make the situation better.

She asked in a Quora post:

"I'm pregnant and my husband is forcing me to have his parents in the delivery room, but I don't want that. What should I do?"

Understandably, people were not too impressed with her husband's comments - and urged the mum-to-be to put her foot down as soon as possible.

One commenter pointed out that "the delivery room is not a place for a social gathering", adding:

"The delivery room must maintain exceptionally high standards of hygiene to ensure that mother and baby do not acquire life-threatening infections.

"The medical personnel do not have time to ask visitors health questions or take their temperatures, or help them put on the special clothing that must be worn, or teach them proper handwashing techniques, or remind them not to touch anything.

"They are there to focus on only two people — the mother and the baby.

"Before you go into labor, make sure that your obstetrician knows your wishes with regard to who may be with you in the delivery room.

"And when you get to the hospital, have it put into your chart that only your husband may be present for the birth.

"You will feel better, and rhe staff will bless you for not letting the delivery room turn into a circus."

Someone else said that the issue was a "pivotal point" in their marriage.

They added:

"Either your wishes come first with your husband or his parents' do.

"If his parents' wishes override yours, then he needs to go home and live with them and you need to get on with your life...alone."

Another urged the mum-to-be to simply "just say no" to the issue.

They wrote:

"Your body, your rules. You don't need to give any explanations. Just no."