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15th Nov 2018

Mum wants to know if the flu vaccine is free for pregnant women in Ireland

Is the flu vaccine covered by the combined care system in Ireland?

In Ireland maternity care is covered under the Maternity and Infant Scheme (combined care) but does it include vaccinations?

The general consensus is that it does but you will be charged for the administration of the vaccine (which has been the case in my experience) , though others have suggested that some doctors and pharmacists will waive the fee altogether.

One Irish mum, unsure on what the rules are around the flu vaccine during pregnancy posted her query to New Mammies Ireland for advice;

“Is the flu vaccine free if your pregnant. The last time I was pregnant (2017) I got the vaccine at one of my routine pregnancy doctor appointments but I had to pay €20 for the vaccine. I was told by loads of people that I shouldn’t have been charged. Anyway, I’m currently 8 weeks pregnant and want to get it. However, I don’t have an another pregnancy app till after 20 weeks. If I go in next week, am I going to be charged the €50 doctor fee plus the €20 vaccination fee?”

Other mums were quick to come to her aid with their knowledge on the subject;

“It should be free. It was free for me. My baby is 5 months now and I got it when I was only a couple weeks pregnant.”

“I had to pay the vaccine charge of 20 but GP visit was free and it wasn’t a routine visit!”

“I got my whooping cough vaccine and flu vaccine the same day two weeks ago and I only had to pay for the cough one that was in my local GP.”

“I think the vaccine itself is free but usually pay 20e admin fee to administer it.”

Others in the comments suggested that if you have a medical card that even the administration fee is covered.

If you’re unsure of any details surrounding your healthcare while you are pregnant always check with your doctor or midwife for more information.