Would you do it? Mums discuss their experiences of a birthing pool 1 year ago

Would you do it? Mums discuss their experiences of a birthing pool

It can be a different experience for everyone.

Whether you give birth naturally, through a C-section or any other way, everyone has varying experiences of giving birth.

Birthing pools have become a popular method recently, but anyone who hasn't had one might have questions about them.

How do they work? Are you in the water for the full duration? What are the benefits?

The questions was posed by a soon-to-be mum on Mumsnet recently:

"I had it confirmed yesterday that I was eligible to give birth in a midwife centre instead of a delivery suite in a hospital (assuming everything is 'normal') and now have the option of a birthing pool.

"I hadn't given it much thought up until now as thought I wouldn't be allowed to - anyone have any experiences? Good or bad? Trying to work out if I think that's something I'm interested in (will have to find swimwear if I am!)."

Many mothers replied to the post and raved about birthing pools, saying that the experience was much more relaxing:

"I had my DS in a pool at home, it was wonderful. So calm and relaxing. Very private. Nobody poking or prodding unless I asked. I'd do it again definitely. I had a very long labour but it was manageable."

However, another mum said that it hurt just as much as giving birth naturally:

"I had one for my last birth and it hurt just as much as the first two (natural, non-water) births. I think I was expecting it to hurt less so was disappointed. This may have more to do with the hypno-birthing nonsense than the pool."

What are your experiences with a birthing pool? Would you consider one?