Mum's photo of postpartum body that she is now 'at peace' with 5 years ago

Mum's photo of postpartum body that she is now 'at peace' with

A mum has shared a photo of her postpartum body saying that she is now "at peace" with how she looks.

Blogger Trudi Eade said it took her 28 years to accept her body.

However, she now accepts "every flaw, every scar, every stretch mark" because they allowed her to bring her children into the world.

She wrote on Instagram:

"My scar? It’s how my children were brought safely into this world.

"My slightly uneven boobs? They fed and nurtured twins."

Trudi said that from a very young age, she used to "hate" her body.


The mum-of-two used to attend the gym regularly to lose weight, and although she was proud of the weight she lost, she knew she wasn't approaching weight-lose healthily.

However, when she had her twins, things started to change.

She said:

"Motherhood has really put things into perspective for me.

I simply refuse to hate my body anymore. I accept it. All of it. Period.

I refuse to let other people’s perception of my body affect my self worth, and I’ll be damned if I allow that to happen to my children."

Trudi finished her post saying that she's glad that she can finally accept and respect her body.

"It's the only one you have after all."