Mums share the 'truth about childbirth' and it's too real 9 months ago

Mums share the 'truth about childbirth' and it's too real

What do you wish you'd known before giving birth?

Books, midwives, and your mates will tell you lots of things.

But they also tend to leave a lot out.

After giving birth to your first child, you'll have learned a lot about yourself, your body, and the total unwillingness of your supposedly good friends to tell you the truth.

Lucky for us then that these two women have taken it upon themselves to get in a car, set their phone to record, and tell everybody the so-called truth about childbirth.

Best friends Cat & Nat run their own channel where they give parenting advice, and their latest video has gotten a lot of attention online.

They start off by saying that everything you think childbirth is going to be "... it's not."



"They recommend comfortable underwear. Bring out the big guns.

“Comfortable for me used to be a thong. I’m not going to lie, I’ve got a hungry bum and what’s comfortable is a thong.

“So maybe we need to clarify. When they say comfortable, they mean coverage.”


The mums - who have given birth to seven kids between them - go on to say that there's a lot of swelling, a lot of excrement, and a lot of smiling by a midwife that you're not sure is totally necessary.

They also give the low down on haemorrhoids, which they accept are "gross" but also a reality, stitches in your vagina, and essentially not being able to look at yourself in the mirror for a few months afterwards.

"It's hard to poop. So hard to poop," they continue.

However, never fear because Cat & Nat assure everybody that they're going to be totally fine during childbirth and that their vaginas will be back to normal in no time.

We're going to go ahead and assume that they are being very, very sarcastic.