Naomi Ann Smith shares honest post on not having the typical pregnancy body 9 months ago

Naomi Ann Smith shares honest post on not having the typical pregnancy body

Pregnancy is not a 'one size fits all'.

Typically when we see depictions of pregnant women they are generally slender apart from a perfectly round bump at the front.

For a lot of woman that is pretty close to how they look in pregnancy but by no means is it how every pregnant woman looks and in 2020 we really should see more representations of different pregnant bodies.

Mum-to-be Naomi Ann Smith recently shared a photo of her pregnant body on social media along with her thoughts on being plus sized and pregnant.

"Coming to terms with the fact that I won’t look like your stereotypical pregnant woman through my pregnancy has been hard at times. Not having that little bump appear way before now and not getting to visually experience my baby growing from the outside is quite sad. This body isn’t the one I envisioned carrying my first child in but it’s the one I’m living in now and sometimes we just don’t get to decide when life throws you a curveball.
However, if this pregnancy is teaching me anything it’s that all bodies, including mine, are worthy of growing and bringing life into this world."


"I used to think I would allow myself to get pregnant once I had lost all this weight. I would blackmail myself against the one thing I truly wanted in life. All because I deemed myself not the ‘correct’ size? All my life I’ve written off happiness in many forms due to my weight. I’ve let it hold me back from love, success and what I’ve really wanted. So I am SO thankful to have fallen pregnant. I’m SO thankful it was handed to me unplanned because I don’t believe I would of ever allowed myself to plan for it being the size I am. And whether I’m fat, thin, obese, or anything in between this baby will be so loved, happy and healthy. My body is amazing because growing another human being IS AMAZING. My body is capable. My body is worthy. And with each passing week I’m loving my wee cherubs first home that bit more. "

I think Naomi's post is a powerful one in because as women we grow up seeing and hearing a lot of different messages about how our bodies should look.

In reality bodies come in all different shapes and sizes and there's no 'normal size' for our bodies to be.

This is the same for pregnant bodies and I think it's something we need to see more or in film, television and maternity clothing catalogues.