It's not all aches and pains and swelling! 5 positive perks of pregnancy 5 years ago

It's not all aches and pains and swelling! 5 positive perks of pregnancy

There's no doubt that pregnancy can be a really wonderful time: after all, there is the glowing skin, full tresses, and all that jazz. 

But then there's the other stuff. Ya know, like aches and pains, nothing fitting, and swollen, well, swollen everything. 

At least once your little one has arrived, studies report a slew of unexpected benefits associated with childbearing (even if researchers admit an element of mystery is involved).  

Here are five positive perks of pregnancy… 

1) Everyone is super-extra nice to you

There is just something about a growing bump that makes other people melt. Strangers on the street smile at you, people waiting at bus stops are all chat and fellas practically leap out of their skin to help you in any way they can.

2) Fabulous hair and nails 

Pregnancy hormones frequently result in a mane of thick, shiny hair. It’s actually due to a slowing of the normal hair loss rate, but it often looks as if you’ve grown more. Fast-growing nails are often reported too – though both phenomena are temporary, so make the most of them. 


3) Pregnancy glow is a real thing 

A combination of hormones and increased blood flow speed skin cell turnover, boosting collagen and elastin production to lend a radiant brightness to your complexion. 

4) Getting out of stuff you didn't want to do anyway

Seriously; being pregnant is the best get-out clause ever. Don't fancy that work leaving do? Wanna give dinner with the in-laws a miss? No problem because you're growing a human; nobody can argue with that.

5) Less painful periods 

Many women report reduced period pain after childbirth, possibly due to the elimination of some prostaglandin receptor sites. Prostaglandin causes uterine contractions during birth, and also play a role in menstrual cramps, so fewer pain receptors mean less discomfort during periods. 

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