Now there's even more reason to go with the baby name you love 5 years ago

Now there's even more reason to go with the baby name you love

I'm sure most parents will agree that choosing a baby name isn't easy - so much pressure and so many opinions. But now there's even more reason to go with the name you loved throughout pregnancy, rather than remaining undecided because of other people's opinions.

New research published in the journal Pediatrics has found there are "associated risks" in using temporary names such as Babygirl and Babyboy for newborns in hospital.

"There can be no delay in providing identification wristbands to newborns," states the study. That means if there's a delay in the baby being named (for whatever reason), the hospital has to use a generic placeholder name (like the ones above), which results in a large number of newborns with the same or similar identifiers in NICUs.

This becomes a problem if there are two babies with the same temporary name and same time of birth, but different medical needs. So, if anyone has anything to say about your newborn's name, you can just tell them you won't be changing your mind for safety reasons - that should keep them quiet.

To determine the level of risk associated with "nondistinct naming conventions", the Pediatrics study performed a test using distinct first names at birth. This involved combining mums' first names with their newborns' temporary names (for example, Jennifersgirl instead of Babygirl). The results showed a drastic drop - 36.3 per cent over just one year - in wrong-patient errors.

This is good news for any parents who can't decide on a name when their baby is first born. However, here are a few tips that might help with that final call:

  • Don't tell everyone your names until you are ready to announce THE name. If you do want to share your ideas, choose one person who knows you best (excluding your partner) and whose opinion you value.
  • Say the names out loud (a lot) to hear how they sound.
  • Write them down with the surname. The way it looks on paper might influence you - either way. Don't forget to check out the initials and what they spell out - if anything.
  • Look at family names. There might just be a hidden gem somewhere down the line that you hadn't considered.
  • Go with the one you love. Think about how you would feel if you didn't choose that name, but someone you know did.
  • Make good use of the middle name. This can be a great compromise if you and your partner can't decide on names. If all else fails, just remind him of your lead role in the pregnancy and birth...