Nursery 101: What You REALLY Need For Your Adorable New Arrival 5 years ago

Nursery 101: What You REALLY Need For Your Adorable New Arrival

The nesting phase of pregnancy is truly the most exciting part of the whole nine months. If you've found everything up until then a tad underwhelming don't worry you are not alone.

Let's face it, lot's of us can't make out the baby's face on the weird lava lamp-like foetal assessment scans. Peeing in a cup endlessly isn't the craic you thought it would be, and picking baby names has devolved into picking fights with the Other Half about how 'Kitty' is a family name and how you KNEW he never liked your Aunty Kitty.

Nesting is the point in pregnancy when you finally feel like the pregnant women in the life insurance ads, you know the barefoot glowing woman in the adorable paint spattered man's shirt preparing the nursery for the new arrival. Though we're sweating more than glowing and the shirt's probably too tight because we've got an 11lb baby bearing down on our cervix. And we're grumpy because even lying down is uncomfortable at 38 weeks pregnant never mind prancing around painting a nursery... well... anyway you get the gist.

Nursery 101: What You REALLY Need For Your Adorable New Arrival

1. A Moses Basket

Lot's of peeps insist the Moses basket is a bit of a joke. Sometimes it can feel a bit like stashing your baby in a big floppy sombrero, mainly because they're just not that sturdy looking, but the Moses basket is still dead handy as it's nice and portable.

2. A Sling

Baby wearing is hands-down the BEST thing for new mums. How else are we gonna manage to butter a piece of toast for the next six months to a year?

3. A Changing Mat


You don't have to go the full changing table hog, especially if you are stuck for space – throw the changing mat on the bed et voila! Make sure you have a tube of Bepanthen nearby in your changing kit, to prevent nappy rash when it strikes.

4. A Bed (for you)

In the early months you'll be in the baby's room far more than your own room so it's essential to have somewhere cosy to feed the baby, listen to podcasts in the depths of the night and pass many glorious hours winding a tiny being that can't even tell you if wind is, in fact, the actual problem!

5. A Bin

Pretty self-explanatory.

6. Drawers

Essential storage for all the baby essentials. Designate an easy to reach drawer for all the changing essentials like nappy cream, wipes, and nappies.

7. The Baby Throne

The baby throne is a total must-have for new babs. You can go super basic with the old school bouncer or spring for one of those battery operated ones that has all the bells and whistles and swings itself when you flip a switch and plays music and will teach your child Mandarin. Either is brilliant for entertaining the baby, bringing the baby into the loo with you or just giving them a change of scenery.

8. Baby monitor

With the baby monitor, you can go super hi-tech with a video monitor or keep things old school with the walky-talky type deal. To be honest, our house is small enough that I could hear the baby's every whimper and sigh – perhaps it's mama's intuition. However, the Other Half does not possess the finely tuned hearing that I do, for either the baby's needs or mine. Eventually, after weeks of screaming down to him to bring up tea or nappies or whatever, I finally twigged that I could use the baby monitor to order snacks and beverages to be delivered up to me. Result.

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