Old wives tales about how YOU can determine your baby's sex 5 years ago

Old wives tales about how YOU can determine your baby's sex

You probably already know about the old wives tales which claim to reveal if there’s a boy or a girl in that baby bump of yours.

But did you know that some believe that there are certain things you can do before (and during) conception to swing the odds a certain way?

Well, you will after this… although we have to say that there is NO scientific or medical evidence that any of these actually work.

Your choice of sexual position

Dr Landrum Shettles said in his book, entitled 'How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby', that deeper penetration - such as doggy style - increases the chances of a boy. This is based upon the idea that the sperm is closer to the cervix giving male sperm an advantage.


The date of the deed


This is a little out there but it was once claimed that if you conceive on even days, you are more likely to end up with a nursery full of pink clothes. Doing the deed a few days after ovulation also apparently points towards the pitter patter of tiny female feet. 

To orgasm or not to orgasm

If a woman orgasms during the session that leads to creation, this is said to indicate a boy. The reasoning behind this is that an orgasm moves the sperm closer to the cervix, again giving the male sperm more of a chance to reach the egg first.


Watch what you eat

A number of articles report that acidic conditions are not ideal for boy sperm so depending on the mother's diet, she could be favouring one sex over the other. Another website claims that doing cardio, avoiding salt and eating small portions benefits a woman's chance of carrying a girl.

Coffee for dad!

If the future father has been enjoying a latte here and an americano there before jumping under the covers, then the Y-sperm will be more active thus favouring a boy. Who knew that a morning coffee could have such a big impact on one's life?