The ONE beauty product I recommend to ALL my pregnant friends 4 years ago

The ONE beauty product I recommend to ALL my pregnant friends

I am a bit of a health-nut and obsessed with all things clean eating and wellness and always have spinach in my fridge and a selection of crystals rattling around in my handbag (no, really!).

This obsession, naturally, went into overdrive when I was pregnant, and became obsessed with not only making sure what I was eating was good for both my health and the babies, but also started freaking out over what I was putting on my skin and how it needed to be as organic and non-toxic as humanly possible.

And so what else could I do but put my journalistic skills to good use and comb the internet far and wide for some non-toxic and clean beauty products I would still feel confident using while pregnant.

I researched, read blogs and chatted on forums, and even asked other beauty writers their opinion. Eventually, my digging paid off, and I found a product so great I not only ended up using it every day for the duration of my pregnancy (and subsequent pregnancy), but also now, years later, either buy it as a present or whole-heartedly recommend to any pregnant mama friend (and people who arent't pregnant, but just care about their health too).

Say hello to a body oil so great it will forever remain my go-to beauty staple, pregant or not.


The Orangic Pharmacy Stretch Mark Oil, is an oil-blend so nourishing and rich it will not only do what it says on the tin and help prevent stretch marks, but also keep your skin supple, smoothe and wrinkle-free for a long, long time. All the while being completely clean and good for you.

I used this gorgeous oil regularly when pregnant, and would always apply it in the morning after dry brushing, and at night, following a bath or a shower. After a few months I was hooked – seriously hooked.

It might seem a little pricey at €38, but guys, it lasts forever, and your skin will be in forever debt – a star buy, indeed.