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31st Aug 2017

Paloma Faith ‘couldn’t walk’ for two months after traumatic birth

The singer became a mum last December.

Anna O'Rourke

“I wasn’t very well for a long time afterwards.”

Paloma Faith has spoken out for the first time about her giving birth last year and it sounds very rough indeed.

The singer became a mum in December and although she and her partner Leyman Lehcine have chosen to keep the baby’s name and gender private, she’s spared no details when it comes to her traumatic birth experience.

She told The Sun’s Bizarre Life’s podcast that she had a birth plan but that went out the window as “everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong.”

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She was in premature labour for 20 hours but failed to dilate properly and had an emergency C-section to save the baby.

“I did nine hours of labour without pain relief then just lost the plot completely,” she said.

“Because I’d been in labour for a long time I had something called PROM which is a premature rupture of waters.

“Then I just had so much other stuff go wrong afterwards because I also had an infection of the womb and really bad mastitis.

“I wasn’t very well for a long time afterwards. I don’t think I could really walk properly for a good two months.”

Despite the ordeal, the singer said she has no regrets as she now has “the best person ever.”

“The only way I can explain it is that I went to the gates of hell and I brought back an angel because it is just so incredible and I wouldn’t change a minute of it for the world because I just think I have made the best person ever.

“I also feel like my heart’s opened up to a capacity that I never thought it could fit any more love in. And I just feel now like I want to adopt, I want loads because it’s just so amazing.”

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Paloma is now plotting her return to music, with the theme of pregnancy dominating the artwork for her new single Crybaby.

“Crybaby is basically just asking the question, ‘What if men showed their feelings more?’ If they felt it was socially acceptable to be more in touch with their feelings, would there be as many problems in the world?,” she told MusicWeek.