Parenting forum asks mums what their worst pregnancy symptoms were 2 months ago

Parenting forum asks mums what their worst pregnancy symptoms were

What was your worst pregnancy symptom?

During my first pregnancy, it was morning (or all day) sickness. I couldn't keep anything down.

On my second pregnancy, it was lightheadedness.

A parenting forum put the question out to mums everywhere and here were the most common answers.

One symptom that many mums were unanimous on was heartburn. I had it all through my first pregnancy and many joked that it was a sign of a hairy baby. My son was born with a full head of hair so they weren't wrong.

Morning sickness was another common answer to the thread with one mum writing;


"Definitely morning sickness. Every half an hour all day every day and night for 3 months. I lost over 30 pounds!"

Like myself many mums experienced vertigo and faint spells. I know for me much of this was caused with struggling to stay hydrated during the heatwave we had that summer.

One symptom that came up several times but isn't often talked about was carpal tunnel syndrome.

"Carpal tunnel. Would cry all night from the aching and burning. Was miserable. And the round ligament pain. Would cringe at the thought of having to get dressed. So painful. But worth it all!"

Other common answers included headaches, forgetfulness and of course needing to pee all the time.