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15th Oct 2017

People think Scott Disick has just confirmed Khloé’s pregnancy

Did Scott just spill the beans?

Keeley Ryan

Scott Disick has told how he “doesn’t need” to give Khloé Kardashian any parenting advice – as the family are all there for each other.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is rumoured to be expecting her first child with her NBA star boyfriend Tristain Thompson.

And now her former kind-of-brother-in-law has told how he “would try” to help Khloé out as much as possible, despite the split with her sister Kourtney.

But the dad-of-three said he reckons most of the learning would happen “within time”.

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He explained to E! news:

“Well, if she ever asks I’m sure I would try.

“But I feel like all of us are so close that all of our children are kind of brought up in the same vicinity, or one block over, that everybody’s kind of there for each other.

“I don’t really need to give advice per se because, we are right there. It’s not like long-distance, ‘Hey, maybe you should try this?’

“Everybody’s so hands-on that I feel like it will happen within time.

“So no real advice in that sense.”

Khloé has kept quiet about the pregnancy rumours so far, even shutting down people on a recent Instagram post who were speculating about a baby bump.

The 33-year-old recently shared a photo of herself modelling a “leather-like” skirt and matching top from her clothing range, where fans reckoned they could see a baby bump.

But the reality TV star shot down speculation when she commented on the post:

“This is a peplum shirt. It [flares] out at the bottom.

“It’s just the way the shirt is designed.

“In some of the next pictures coming up from the SAME shoot, I’m in a crop top. Showing a lot of skin … ”

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