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14th Apr 2016

Did You Know You Can Do THIS With Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord?


Placenta pills have been around for a few years but we can’t say we’ve ever come across umbilical cord keepsakes before.

But they are a thing, thanks to Carmen Calvo from Baltimore, Maryland, in the US.

She established The Nurturing Root in 2011 after struggling with postpartum fatigue and anxiety following the birth of her first child.

Having found out about the benefits of a baby’s placenta, she trained as a placenta encapsulation specialist and started up the company which offers a number of services to new mothers.

These include placenta encapsulation, placenta prints and umbilical cord keepsakes – these are created by drying out the umbilical cord and shaping it into a heart.

Would you opt to turn your baby’s umbilical cord into a keepsake or perhaps you have had your placenta encapsulated? Let us know your thoughts in the Facebook comments.