The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 36 – Building and Nesting 7 years ago

The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 36 – Building and Nesting

Maternity hospital bag – check. Moses basket and blankets – check. Car seat and pram – check. Baby monitor, thermometer, bottle sterilizer, baby grows, nappies and bath – check.

Now that we’ve got nearly everything needed to deliver and bring our little man home (depending on who you talk to), it’s time to prepare our home for his arrival. This involved small steps at the beginning, such as clearing out presses and dumping old clothes, but ultimately things spiraled as the delivery date got closer.

We’re painting our main sitting room and have even treated the baby to new curtains and lampshades. The fridge has been replaced with a more efficient freezer and a spacious fridge. The spare room has been cleaned to within an inch of its life and has now got a new press, changing table and a small but impressive line of clothes displayed on baby hangers!

My hubby is now building on an almost daily basis. Last night, it was the base for the Moses basket. I got a great laugh out of watching him grow more and more frustrated by the five pieces of wood that the instruction manual described as "easy to assemble".

Worker preparing to install new three pane wooden windows in an old wooden house. Home renovation, sustainable living, energy efficiency concept.


I, of course, was of no help and got scolded several times for not being more supportive. Calling him Bob the Builder only added to his growing annoyance. In his defence, he did get it done and I’m glad to report it looks fairly stable. There are still two or three flat packs waiting for him to open but I’m optimistic they will get done before the baby comes.

Apparently, this nesting instinct is all perfectly normal and despite spending hours cleaning tiles with a toothbrush, I’m enjoying the process. I know we won’t have this time to devote to our home once the baby comes and it’s nice to spend this time prepping as best we can. It’s also a good a time as ever to get hubby to do all those jobs he’s been promising to do for quite some time now.

I’m not overdoing it and I'm looking forward to starting my maternity leave in a few days time. Watching television and catching up on quality reading time sounds even more relaxing now that I’ll be doing it in our new and improved home!

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