These are the pregnancy symptoms your dog can sense when you're expecting 1 year ago

These are the pregnancy symptoms your dog can sense when you're expecting

While everyone is wishing you well and sending you love, one person (or animal) that can't actually say congrats is your dog.

But they know you're pregnant - and they're excited for you (we presume!).

While nothing can ever be confirmed, many people have said that dogs can sense when your pregnant as they have been known to exhibit an intuition because of their keen and sharp senses, Dr. Richard Honaker tells Romper.

Dogs are also pretty focused on their owners physical and mental states and some are also trained to be response dogs for people with blindness and post-traumatic stress disorder.

And so, there are certain symptoms that your dog can detect are different when you're expecting. Here's what they look out for:


As noted in pregnancy book What To Expect, your hormones levels fluctuate and can subtly change the way you smell. Your dog will note this and probably end up smelling you a bit more to recognise the change.

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According to Animal Planet, dogs are able to sense when you're more tired than usual because they track your daily routine. So, if you change your routine with sleeping, eating or exercising, they will pick up on it right away.

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Your body

Yep, as we all well know your body will change, and as you waddle around, your dog might too. Pedigree says that dogs are very attuned to your mannerisms, so with your body changing, they will also probably change the way they act around you - they know something is up!

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An extra heartbeat

Dogs have an ultrasonic range of hearing so it's likely that they can hear the extra heartbeat even though you can't. When they're cuddled up next to you, they'll most definitely hear your baby beating inside of you.

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The emotions

Yep, you're mega emotional. And your dog will defo pick up on it. Whether you're crying more and moaning more, they'll come over to comfort you because as stated before, they know something is up. And it's always nice to have a little companion by your side when you're all bundled up with emotions.

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