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18th Apr 2017

Your baby at 15 weeks pregnant: Week-by-week guide to development


grapefruit week 15 pregnancy

Welcome to week 15 of your pregnancy! This week, your baby is as big as a grapefruit. Here’s what else you can expect this week.

Your baby

At week 15, your baby is about the size of a grapefruit, steadily growing and developing. While you might not feel it just yet, your little one is becoming more active, moving their tiny arms and legs. The senses are awakening, with your baby’s ears now capable of hearing your heartbeat and any sounds from the outside world. Although the eyes remain closed, they can sense changes in light. It’s a time of lots of sensory development for your baby.

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Hopefully morning sickness has shuffled off for good now, but if not, speak to your GP or obstetrician about potentially taking some anti-nausea medication if needs be. You may start noticing a small baby bump, which is an exciting milestone. Keep an eye on weight gain; it’s a natural part of pregnancy of course, but it’s important to monitor it for a healthy pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is worth reading up on at this point too, just so you’re prepared in case you need to be tested for it.

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Anything else?

If you’ve got any bit of a bump now, buying some maternity clothing might be necessary. No one will judge you if you live your life in comfy leggings for the next few months as your body changes. You might notice that you have swollen gums that are prone to bleeding when you brush or floss. It’s those pregnancy hormones again, pesky little blighters, triggering gingivitis and causing gum inflammation. Yay!

Enjoy all the benefits that come from being ‘with child’; skipping the line for the bathroom, strangers smiling at you, getting to name a human, and best of all – naps.