The ultimate HerFamily guide to your pregnancy: Week 36 5 years ago

The ultimate HerFamily guide to your pregnancy: Week 36

Week 36 – you're in the 3rd Trimester! Read more about trimesters here.

This week....

Your baby

Is about 47 cm long from head to toe and weighs nearly 2.7 kg.

The downy covering of hair on the body  — lanugo — and the waxy substance over the skin — vernix caseosa — start to shed. Your baby will actually swallow these — and poo them out as meconium in the first bowel movements.


Use breast pads to soak up the colostrum coming from those leaking breasts.

You may be itchy, particularly on your belly and breasts, and you may even have developed a rash. Use a non-mineral oil, but don’t forget to tell your midwife or doctor about any itching.


Worried about giving birth?


Don't be. These three brilliant mind hacks will help you start looking forward to the day your bundle of joy arrives.

Feeling frisky?


Sex in late pregnancy might be tricky, but it IS fun and it can be done!