Pregnant Ladies: Meet Your New Comedy Queen, Ali Wong 6 years ago

Pregnant Ladies: Meet Your New Comedy Queen, Ali Wong

Being pregnant is like being a reluctant subject in the world's greatest hidden camera TV show. Except without comedians or any cameras.

You might be casually going about your pregnant business, heading to the shops for a bumper packet of Meanies and a stick of rhubarb, when somebody unexpected will jump from the bushes to get all up on your pregnant face.

"Oh my god, you're huge!" they'll roar at you.

"Did you even plan this baby?!" the local post office worker, who you really don't know on any sort of personal level, will ask as you purchase a roll of stamps.

And you will stand there, bemused, waiting for the punchline, which never comes.

You will check under boxes and behind doors for the hidden camera crew, but they're not there.

Because people are just genuinely BONKERS when it comes to communicating with pregnant women.

Nobody knows why, it just IS a thing.


To prevent us from losing the pregnant plot, the only solution is to get busy laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, and none better than a fellow pregnant comedian to get you through.

If you haven't yet come across Ali Wong, I think you'll enjoy her latest show on Netflix which is called 'Baby Cobra'.

La Wong is pregnant and has a LOT to say about the societal weirdness that has accompanied it, not least the disproportionate levels of attention her husband is getting while she does all the hard work.

In this brilliant clip, you'll hear her say;

"Are you making a foot? I don't think so - YOU change the channel!"

And so much more. You can watch the full clip here: