Pregnant Milla Jovovich asks mums what was hardest about their last trimester 2 years ago

Pregnant Milla Jovovich asks mums what was hardest about their last trimester

The last hurdle is often the hardest.

On both of my pregnancies I found the second trimester to be the easiest.

The first trimester I was plagued with constant morning sickness and fainting spells. The last trimester I had both of those plus heartburn, back pain and a un ending need to find a toilet.

Already a mother of two actress Milla Jovovich announced last year that she was expecting her third baby and is currently preparing to pop any day now.

Recently Milla posted to Instagram saying that even though she has loved being pregnant she's so beyond ready to give birth due to feeling worn out and asked her followers what was the hardest part of the last trimester for them.


The Fifth Element star wrote;

"For those of you who don’t know me, I’m about to have our 3rd baby and I’m SO GRATEFUL for being pregnant again, especially at my age and I thank god everyday for blessing me, but Oh my lord am I ready to have this baby.

2 weeks and change till we welcome our new little human and as every woman in history who has ever had a baby knows well, the last month is SO HARD! Ladies, what are some of your most uncomfortable memories from the last month before delivery?"

Many mums replied with what they struggled with in their last month of pregnancy and I think we can all relate.

"My new baby is 7 weeks old! His head engaged in the last 3 weeks so i walked around with what felt like a bowling ball between my legs! That was pretty damn uncomfortable!"

"I was so tired in my final month. It felt like it was going to go on for forever."

I can definitely relate to the 'going on forever' part. I vividly remember saying 'I'm going to need you to come out' repeatedly to my bump in the last few weeks. Oh well, all worth it in the end.