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01st Apr 2018

Pregnant woman told she ‘HAS to’ attend wedding 10 days after due date

Her friend "won't take no for an answer".

It’s a pretty divisive topic when it comes to wedding planning.

Some couples are more than happy to have their little cousins, nieces, nephews – and not to mention their friends’ little ones – at the ceremony and reception.

But for others, weddings are more of an ‘adult only’ situation – with only those over a certain age allowed to be at the ceremony or reception.

And now a woman has turned to the internet for advice after her friend told her she “must” be at her wedding – which takes place 10 days after her due date.

The poster explained that since she first shared her happy news, the bride-to-be has repeatedly emphasised how she wants her there on her big day and “won’t take no for an answer”.

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Admitting that she first thought her friend was joking, she was left startled when she got the invitation – only to find out her partner hadn’t been invited, either.

The bride told her that she could “leave the baby at home” with her partner in order to celebrate her big day.

The woman wrote on Mumsnet:

“One of my oldest friends is getting married 10 days after my due date.

“Since I announced I was pregnant she has mentioned repeatedly that I MUST be at the wedding and that she won’t take no for an answer.

“I kept laughing it off and saying we would see what happens as felt like she was joking around.

“She has now sent out the invites and only my name is on the invite.

“The next time I saw her I checked with her and she said they aren’t inviting partners and that I can leave the baby at home with DP, but not to worry she doesn’t expect me to stay until the end of the evening (the wedding starts at 12!)

“So I told her that unfortunately I won’t be able to go to the wedding. She is Not. Impressed. At. All.

“AIBU to be upfront about the fact that I realistically won’t be able to guarantee I can leave my newborn baby for the entire day with my DP?

“I am also planning on breastfeeding which makes it more complicated.”

Her fellow parenting forum users were quick to to show support for the pregnant woman, labelling the bride was being “thoughtless”.

One person wrote:

“Your baby, your life, she is being very unreasonable.”

Someone else said:

“She’s insane. You don’t have to be the parent of a child or in fact even know a child to be aware that’s a crazy idea.”

Another person commented:

“Your baby could be born on that date!

“She’s incredibly selfish, self-absorbed and thoughtless. I would turn down the wedding invitation and – if she keeps on – I’d reassess the friendship.”

A Mumsnet user bluntly added:

“It’s an invitation. Not a summons.”