Regal: 12 gorgeous baby names with strong royal connections 3 weeks ago

Regal: 12 gorgeous baby names with strong royal connections

The sad passing of Queen Elizabeth has dominated the news these past few days.

And understandably so.

But it is not just in times like these we are obsessed with the royals.

The fascination with all things related to the royal family has no end, something the popularity of Netflix's The Crown is a testament to.

Born with gilded birthrights to fame, wealth and beauty, there is something so fairytale-y fascinating about the royal families of Europe.

And never mind the castles and tiaras, these heirs have it sussed when it comes to baby names too.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Amalia

We love this name, and it totally has the royal stamp of approval, as it is the middle name of Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands. (Oh, and did we mention her sisters are Alexia and Ariana – two more gorgeous names, as it happens)


2. Amedeo

Prince Amedeo of Belgium's full name is (are you ready?): Amedeo Marie Joseph Carl Pierre Philippe Paola Marcus d'Aviano.

3. Zara

As in Philips, not our collective favourite fashion haunt.

4. Carl (or Philip, for that matter)

Prince Carl Philip is third in line for the throne of Sweden, if you didn't know.

5. Theodora

Princess Theodora is the fourth child of the former King Constantine of Greece and (on her mother's side) also a Princess of Denmark (well for some!). To top that, Theodora is also 350th in line to the British throne. A real blue-blooded princess, in other words.


6. Felix

Prince Felix Leopold Marie Guillaume is second in line for the throne of Luxembourg (and pretty hot too, we'll have you know!)

7. Leonor

Princess Infanta Leonor is the eldest child of Felipe and Letizia of Spain.

8. Andrea

Princess Grace's grandson is second in line to the throne of Monaco.

9. Ingrid

Little Ingrid Alexandra is the future Queen of Norway, and the eldest child of Norway's Crown Prince Haakon Magnus.

10. Nikolai

Prince Nikolai of Denmark is the eldest son of Prince Joachim of Denmark and his first wife, Alexandra.

11. Madeleine

Swedish Princess Madelaine is 4th in line to the Swedish throne. The Scandinavian beauty has three young children, and is married to US financier Christopher O'Neill.

12. Albert

As in the ruler of Monaco.